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SPACEX Interplanetary Transport System

Elon Musk just made a big announcement. Have to say the video gave me goosebumps:

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Alan Watts – Why Your Life Is Not A Journey

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Head trip

Himalayas – first ultra HD footage ever shot above 20,000 feet, and it is stunning. The Himalayas from 20,000 ft. from Teton Gravity Research on Vimeo.

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Back to The Sea Ranch

Can you have California nostalgia if you are from California and also currently live there? Not sure. I had the fortunate childhood exposure to some pretty beautiful/bizarre and uniquely Californian architecture. I was researching getaways recently and got sucked into … Continue reading

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#AVGeek Post of the Day: Pan Am Worldport

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Note to self

Book Japan hotel this week. Oh, and passport. Eeegads. Fushimi Inari Taisha courtesy of ~imladris517

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